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Lock Back Unit
We now have an Aluminum Lock Back and Steel Lock Back Conversion Unit
for our Unit 1 Gov’t Length Conversion Unit.
Aluminum Lock Back’s start at $499.00
Steel Lock Back’s start at $695.00 These lock back conversion units must use our metal magazines that have been modified for the lock back feature.
If you would like to place an order
Call 1-800-295-1987
for further details


(Some monitors may alter the sizes; for reference, paper circles are 2-3/4” across)

These test targets were shot with various examples of Marvel.22 LR Conversions. All were production models. No special fitting or tuning was done. The units were shot from a Ransom Rest, which is a machine rest designed to repeatedly fire handguns without the vagaries of human optical sighting, physical aiming and actuation. A Ransom Rest is - by far -the truest test of a gun’s and/or ammo’s accuracy. However, even a Ransom Rest needs a highly trained, skilled and experienced operator since the slightest interference or change in technique can dramatically effect results, as demonstrated by the varying results Marvel Conversion Units have delivered in the hands of some testers. (To understand what we're talking about, imagine we gave you the Stock Car that won this year’s Daytona 500. How fast and how well would you be able to use it without a lot of experience?)

All groups contain five shots (except the 100-round target, of course), and all were fired at the range of 50 yards. The ammo was different lots of Eley brand (unless noted). While not necessarily the most accurate ammo in every Marvel Conversion Unit, it is extremely consistent, and it quickly tells us how a Unit is performing. The 100-round target was shot at 50 yards with standard velocity Aguila, a Mexican import that is very inexpensive. So if you want to shoot cheap ammo in your Marvel Conversion Unit, you can be reasonably sure you¹ll still get good results.


Marvel test-fires each and every unit before it is shipped, and we test-fire them a lot. Every single one shipped will shoot under 1” at 50 yards. Now, when we say a Unit will shoot under 1”, we don’t mean once. We don’t mean twice. We mean consistently, time and time again. (Theoretically and mathamatically, any gun is capable of shooting a sub-one-inch group once.) And the target we ship with that unit is not the smallest one it shot - it is an average group from that individual Unit.

The targets you see on this page are extra average targets from Units we shipped (we test each Unit with between 100 and 200 rounds - so we get a lot of extra targets). We also urge you to test your new unit with your favorite ammos. Just because we got a .6732" group with your Unit and our lot of Eley doesn’tmean it won’t shoot better with some other ammo. Only testing will tell.

There is a saying that you can only be a great shot if you have a great gun, and it makes sense because even the best shot in the world is at the mercy of the accuracy of his gun. Knowing this, if you treasure accuracy, the Marvel .22 Conversion Unit makes a lot of sense.

Unit 1 Styles & Options

1911 .22 LR Conversion Unit (Original)

1911 .22 LR Commander Unit

1911 .22 LR Long Slide Unit

1911 .22 LR Threaded Barrels

Para Ordnance Wide Body Conversion

Combo Rib Scope Mount/Adjustable Sight (Picatinny Rail)



Unit 1 Conversion
Starting at
Unit 1 1911 .22 Conversion
Sight Rib:
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